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Bracers are the four mystical weapons belonging to the Mysticons, each a different color and representing four of the thirteen astrological animals of planet Gemina. They are used offensively against adversaries, as are their weapons.

"The Coronation" stated they can only be utilized once but subsequent episodes prove otherwise.


"Unleash the Dragon!"

"Fly, Phoenix, Fly!"

"Time to Howl!"

"Battle Unicorn, Charge!"

Bracers in Printed Media

Chapter Books

Graphic Novels

  • Volume 1 (debut; transformation sequence only)
  • Volume 2 (transformation sequence)
  • Volume
  • Volume
  • Volume
  • Volume
  • Volume
  • Volume
  • Volume


  • In addition to being used as offensive weapons, they can be useful wrist communicators.
  • They could be absorbed by the four green, purple, orange and blue gems of the spectral, magical necklace worn by Queen Necrafa.
  • They act just like Patronus' do in the Harry Potter books.
  • They can be counteracted by the dark animal bracers wielded by the Vexicons:
  • Blue Snake
  • Orange Panther
  • Purple Bat
  • Pink Basilisk
  • The bright green Dragon Bracer was corrupted with evil only temporarily; whereas the light blue-colored Wolf Bracer was in the hands of Dreadbane for quite some time until it was recovered by its rightful owner: the second Mysticon Ranger, Zarya Moonwolf.
  • When they clash with their Vexicon counterparts, they emit quite a strong burst of multicolored light or explosion.
  • A maleficent eclipse renders them practically useless. They can be used but quickly fade.

Chapter Books

Graphic Novels

  • So far, all four have appeared in the Mysticons' transformation sequence, which never happened in the show, as they do on the cover of each volume.

About Bracers

One Thousand Years Ago

Season One

  • "The power of the Dragon Bracer."
  • "Looking for this?"
  • "Unleash the Dragon!"
  • "Look at the pretty dragon."
  • "Release the dragon!"
  • "I wasted it at the party!!"
  • "Fly, Phoenix, Fly!"
  • "My bracer is fab-tacular!!"
  • "What if we use our Dragon and Phoenix attacks!?"
  • "In theory, it should work."
  • "My Unicorn Bracer!"
  • "Battle Unicorn, Charge!"
  • "That was a thing of beauty."
  • "This bracer is a thing of-"
  • "Phoenix, meet my Spectral Wolf!!"
  • "You got something of mine."
  • "Time to Howl!"
  • "Synchronize your bracers."

Season Two

  • "Okay, girls. Time to Howl! And all that jazz."
  • (sarcastic) "Cute."
  • "Unfortunately, your bracers are not powerful enough to stop it."
  • "Not unless they were enhanced."
  • "She had me design a magical lance that could magnify your bracers."