A Girl and Her Gumlump is the eleventh episode of Mysticons. It is to air in the United States on October 15, 2017 at 8:30 am on Nickelodeon.



Promising to be a responsible pet owner, Piper adopts an adorable lump of goo, but her new pet has a ravenous appetite for magic, and multiplies into thousands of small gumlumps that could destroy the whole realm of Gemina.


In the Episode

  • It's revealed that Piper is already 110 years old, that she was 109 at the start of the show.
  • The present she gets is a griffin toy like the one she had when she was smaller.
  • The gumlump resembles a blob fish.
  • Princess Arkayna utilizes her light green mystic Dragon Bracer.
  • This marks the second appearance of the Royal Treasury, showing the statues of the original four Mysticons.
  • The Royal Balcony makes another appearance, on which Serena recalls that the second generation of Mysticons had first fought Dreadbane there.

Outside the Episode

  • On the mystical planet Gemina, a "birthday" is called a "starday."
  • Piper and Emerald do not use their Phoenix and Unicorn Bracers here.


Name Note
Princess Arkayna Uses her mystical staff to lure the Gumlumps into the anti-magic world.

She is the only Mysticon who used her mystical bracer.

Zarya Moonwolf Has her magic drained by the gumlumps.
Piper Willowbrook Continues to feed the gumlumps, as she still thinks they are cute.
Emerald Goldenbraid Ends up having her magic drained by the gumlumps.
Malvaron Is drained of most of his magical energy and strength by the gumlumps.
Doug Is upset that a gumlump drained his hex-box of its magic.
Mathis Is at the pet store and is given gold by Princess Arkayna in return a gumlump for Piper.
Gawayne Has an armored battle suit, which he claims to use as a "superhero" to take all of the glory.
Serena Snakecharmer Tries to convince acting King Gawayne to be a hero for once, as the people much prefer the Mysticons and their endless heroic acts to their "king's" selfishness.
Choko Fends off the ever-multiplying gumlumps for Princess Arkayna as she opens the portal.


  • Princess Arkayna: "Unleash the Dragon!!"
  • Piper: "It's the most beautiful-delicious cake in the whole wide realm."
  • Doug: "I baked my heart out."
  • Zarya: "I can't believe you're already 110."
  • All: "Happy Starday, Piper."


  • Serena: "Don't you agree, Princess Goodfey?"
  • Serena's Snakes: "Do the Mysticons rock?"
  • Princess Arkayna: "Uh, yeah, they rock. They're smart, strong, stylish defenders of good. Love you, Dragon Mage!"
  • Zarya: "Mysticon Ranger rules."
  • Emerald: "Woo hoo! Mysticon Knight. I mean, they're all great. But, Mysticon Knight."
  • Gawayne: "Less talk about the Mysticons and more talk about me."


  • Serena: "This is where the Mysticons battled Dreadbane. Isn't it."
  • Gawayne: "Stop!! Why is everyone so obsessed with the Mysticons?"
  • Serena: "Because they're heroes."
  • Serena's Snakes: "people love heroes, Your Highness."
  • Gawayne: "I wasn't done with my tour. The people want a hero? I'll give 'em a hero."


  • Doug: "Who let in the Gumlumps?"
  • Zarya: "Gumlump?"
  • Malvaron: "Interstellar pests with a ravenous appetite for magic."
  • Zarya: "I got this."
  • Malvaron: "Don't! They're attracted to magic."
  • Princess Arkayna: "Can they drain our powers?"
  • Malvaron: "They drain all the magic in the cosmoverse if this get out of hand."
  • Piper: "Oh my goblin!"
  • Princess Arkayna: "They're heading for the Codex pieces."


  • Serena: "So, King Gawayne, you brought us here to show us the original Mysticons?"
  • Gawayne: "No. I brought you here to show you this. Meet the Gawayne-a-lot Three Thousand."
  • Serena's Snake: "How inspirational."


  • Princess Arkayna: "The last gumlump infestation was two thousand tears ago. And they ravaged half the cosmoverse."
  • Malvaron: "The Astromancers stopped them by creating a huge firestorm that caused all the gumlumps-"
  • Doug: "Shh. Ex-nay on the killing-a. They sent the Gumlumps to live on a very nice farm."
  • Piper: "What? I know what the very nice farm is!! And you are can't send my Pud-in there!!"
  • Emerald: "Aw. What's the 'very nice farm?'"
  • Zarya: "I'm rocket mage, but if Gumlumps eat magic, can't we send them to an anti-magic dimension?"
  • Princess Arkayna & Malvaron: "The scroll of planes."
  • Malvaron: "There's a nexus point in Centaur Park. I can open a portal there."
  • Doug: "And this will all be just be a nightmare that'll haunt me for rest of my life."
  • Princess Arkayna: "Doug. Don't' eye."
  • Piper: "oh my goblin! The Codex pieces!!"
  • Malvaron: "Take over!!"
  • Piper: "Malvaron!!"
  • Malvaron (weakly): "Magic drained. You must open the portal on your own."
  • Piper: "Don't worry, Malvy. I will."
  • Malvaron: "I'm just resting."


  • Princess Arkayna: "Once we get to the nexus point, I open up a portal."
  • Zarya: "We lure the gumlumps in."
  • Emerald: "They release all the magic they absorbed."
  • Princess Arkayna: "And we seal them in the anti-magic dimension."
  • Piper: "Permanently?"
  • Princess Arkayna: "Permanently."
  • Piper: "There! The nexus point. And only one pud-din. Easy peasy."


  • Piper: "Okay. What now?"
  • Emerald: "We have to protect Arkayna. If even one touches her, its bye-bye powers."
  • Princess Arkayna: "And I won't be able to open the portal."
  • Zarya: "I got your back, Princess. Uh oh. Ha!! Made it! Didn't make it. 'Let me get a pet' she says. 'What could go wrong' she says."
  • Emerald: "Whoa!! Ow."
  • Piper: "Open the portal. I can do this! Oh, no. The pud-dins' ate my magic, too."
  • Princess Arkayna:

Scroll of the planes
Your powers I enlist
Open a portal to
Where magic cannot exist

  • "It worked! Okay, Gumlumps, follow the magical beam."
  • Zarya: "What do we do now? We don't have any magic to lure them in."
  • Piper: "I was a bad pet owner. Now I gonna fix it."


  • Gawanye: "So much for your great Mysticons."
  • Piper (sarcastically): "Oh no. They just cut and run."
  • Princess Arkayna (sarcastically): "They are such cowards."
  • Zarya: "Especially that Dragon Mage."
  • Emerald (sarcastic): "If only someone could save us."


  • Malvaron: "The magic's back, baby!"
  • Doug: "My hex-box. I love you."


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